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  Private Investigation

ELPS Private Detective Agency prides itself on being able to provide small to midsize companies with services needed to succeed at a modest and reasonable cost.

Don't let others SHRINK your profits.

With over 20 years of experience in the Loss Prevention / Security industry servicing fortune 500 companies, Executive LP Services, LLC can provide as much or as little consulting, training, hardware implementation and case investigation services as you need to help ensure your company's success. We specialize in all areas of employee dishonesty and other acts that negatively affect your company's profitability. Are you experiencing register shortages, deposit irregularities, inventory discrepancies or unexplained transactions? These are just a few of the many key indicators indicating theft or fraud is occurring in your work place.


Loss Prevention Consultation

Our consulting services utilize skilled loss prevention specialists to review your company's operations. The focus is to reduce shrinkage or the possibility of shrinkage by instituting adequate operational controls.

Internal & External Investigations and Interviewing for the Private Sector Interviewing can play a valuable role in almost any investigation.

  • Integrity Interviews

    Conducted with individuals suspected of committing a crime or having knowledge of a crime, in an effort to obtain an admission of guilt.

  • Fact-finding interviews

    Conducted with victims, witnesses and suspects to answer the investigative questions about the incident(s) and gather evidence. May lead to an integrity interview.

Mystery Shops

Are your employees following your policies and procedures? Are your employees handling money properly with the utmost integrity? Are they checking customer identification when receiving a check? Are they checking for identification when required by law?


It is important that once a formal Operational compliance/Loss prevention Program has been put in place that an effective audit process be implemented to help ensure that your operational controls are in compliance.

Unannounced and announced Store Visits

Our consultants regularly perform 'unannounced' store visits/audits for a variety of clients. These surprise visits provide the client with a realistic picture of normal daily operations, measure compliance to the client's loss prevention/shrinkage control program, and greatly assist in keeping their program 'on-track' and a priority within the company.

Training & Seminars for all levels of employees & Management

We can arrange to come to your location and do a security analysis. After consultation and discussion, we will present a program to assist you with your Loss Prevention needs for your facility. We can also arrange to train your employees at your site.

Project Management for all of your Loss Prevention Needs

We can be your Liaison for outside LP vendor needs and referrals. Do you need a CCTV system installed, alarm systems, security guards, loss prevention detectives, employment screening, access control? Whatever your security / loss prevention needs may be, if you do not have the time or resources to manage these projects, we can. Call us for a free consultation, so we can evaluate and understand your needs.

Expert Witness

Do you need detailed, efficient expert testimony and in-depth background knowledge as it relates to loss prevention? We can be available at all stages of a case. Our experts can provide unbiased answers about the merits of a case, often saving companies, attorneys and their client's time and money.

Physical Security

Is your business adequately protected from internal and external thefts? Have your facility's physical and operational security evaluated by a seasoned loss prevention specialist. Our staff can evaluate issues like lighting, camera needs, locking hardware, alarm systems, operational controls, and more. Protect your assets by allowing an independent third party to evaluate your organization's security and loss prevention needs.
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